Into the Land Entropy

The rest of out time waiting for the gate to open proved to be uneventful, save the destruction of an elephant drawn traveling shop, and our contact with Agus Pensrun, who had researched the matter and was pursuing a jewel called the Rotorex Tear.

Having entered the plane, we found it to be putrid and rotten. All parties that entered the gate split of in different directions. In the absence of navigational features, the dwarf arcane marked our path. Later, we came upon a settlement of native creatures, and with the help of potions and alcohol established a dialog. This proved helpful as the were able to identify the features on a diagram of this plane that Agus provided.

Thereafter, we set of to the dark tower and having beat off a killer plant and destroyed a golem, traversed the quicksand laden terrain. Having reached its base, the bald one attacked the wall to create an entry, while another’s familiar found a doorway at the top.



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