Kaztan's training starts to flourish.

An epiphany shows itself in a explosive way

Having little interest in revolutions or leaders Kaztan finds a secluded place of study within the temple, moving all the furniture aside he sets the books and scrolls in front of him and sits on the floor. As he riffles through it all he finds interest in the magic used in combat and how the Qinggong style he’s studied before seem to mirror each other in small ways. After finding a spell that greatly resembles one of the Qinggong techniques he had studied before, attempted to cast it. Focusing on his center and pulling the energy through his body he concentrated all his might into a single point on his finger. This time though it felt different, more potent and unmanageable. Normally this is a simple technique used to strengthen martial blows but this time instead of transferring the energy into a corporeal object he attempted to expel it from his body, like the ancient texts had described. With a flash a beam of red hot fire exploded from his finger and crashed into the stone wall, then disappeared only leaving a large scorch mark. After a moment of shock and regaining his strength, Kaztan burst into a fit of laughter realizing he had finally achieved the first step towards his goal.

After discovering his new found ability he decided to quickly return the books and join the others to help speed things along. Being wise he knew this was only the beginning and needed to continue on this journey and fighting this war to hone his skills and discover new techniques. Even though the weariness he felt towards the friendliness and tomfoolery of his comrades continued to grow, especially the girl.



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