Lord Kraydec's Loot

Staff of Dark Flame
- missing one use of Fireball and one use of False Life
+3 Long Sword, Defending, Grounding
Phylactery of Negative Channeling
Mask of the Skull
Cloak of Resist +3
Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location
+2 Hide, Energy Resist
Gloves of the Commanding Conjurer
Ring of Protection +3
Ring of Feather Falling
Acrobat Slippers
Book of Extended Summoning (evil)
Handy Haversack
Iron Masterwork Holy Symbol
Carpet of Flying (5 sqft)
Crystal Ball
25000 gp in spell components and coin
Preserved Corpses (x3)

Owl’s Wisdom (Caster 3)
Silence (Caster 16)
Aura Sight (Caster 16)
Control Summoned Creature (Caster 16)
Make Whole, Greater (Caster 16)
Unholy Blight (Caster 16)
Break Enchantment (Caster 16)
Summon Monster VI (Caster 16)
Summon Monster VI (Caster 16)
Blasphemy (Caster 16)
Gentle Repose (Caster 3) (x12)



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