Rotumur's Ranger Wrap Up

After engaging in combat with Ralaag (the lich), the PC party eventually fell back to the walls of Silverkeep. The farms and structures of Hex 2 were largely destroyed, as were those who stayed behind in the retreat. The Rangers received aid from Yafelev (the Lashunta) and her party. Lord Kendellon, Barracker, Gindel (lady dwarf) and Royger also did their part. The city and its army took its losses, but ultimately prevailed.

Roturac’s Tear was a gemstone from another plane. It became a symbol for the Adventurous Five before being gifted to the Bervinsod family. It went missing and was placed in a tomb. It never had any special properties. All legends and beliefs regarding the stone were merely fabricated.
Agus and Lord Bervinsod were pawns, convinced to acquire the tear by Ralaag. Master Bentu’s beliefs were based on conversation, fabricated and acted out by Kraydec (the construct) and Ralaag. The stone was only used as a lure to tomb.
The gate was an anomaly. It exists in an area where space is unstable. The casters transported into the world via magic and setup the tomb before either of them had expired. Before Kraydec died, his soul was moved to the chest. Ralaag transported into the plane again to plant the chest, the Tear, and a few personal items.
Defeating Ralaag earns players a level and one mythic tear. I should have a loot entry available at some point.

Three months pass. Silverkeep has already begun to rebuild. Haylom’s business venture helped the cause, greatly. As did Hannasah Yafelev. With her on the side of Silverkeep, the reputations of its leaders and most of the national doubt in their ability to lead was restored. Zintr has begun a romantic relationship with Gindel, the noble diplomat from Borrigann.
The adventuring party has been summoned to a mountaintop in the Rambaldi Range. Another gate has appeared, no barrier. A man in gray, Balregott, standing in front of it. Also present are Lord Kendellon, Barracker, and Master Bentu. Gindel, Royger & Yafelev are also summoned and travel with the PCs.
“All of you have demonstrated great ability and guile. I have summoned you here for an opportunity. Beyond this gate is the unknown. An invitation for a grand adventure of untold time or danger. It is possible that you may never return home. So, I ask, who i coming with me? There is no shame in denying me.”


Lord Kendellon – In
Barracker – In
Master Bentu – “I’m too old for any more adventures”
Royger – Out
Hannahsah Yafelev – “I care not what lies beyond that gate. This is my land, and I will stay here to protect it.”
Kaztan – Already walking towards the gate.
Zintr – “I have a life here and a Kingdon to run.”
Hlvart – Follows Zintr.
Gindel – I’m with Zintr.
Haylom – Adventure.
Tank – Loyal to Haylom.
Sylwyn – ?
Taric – ?
Erza – ?

Rotumur's Ranger Wrap Up

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