The Dorian Anomaly

At long last that tedium of peace is disturbed by a summon to an anomaly in Doira. We, among others, have gathered at the site of portal to unknown destination of no strong aliment. This gate is covered by a deteriorating barrier that no one present had been able to breech. The personage of note was a lawful neutral Lord Kendellon who brought his own party to the ends of exterminating whatever evil will breech or real and storming into its realm. The elf advised that we allow him to fall in battle, so me may claim credit. There was also a scantily clad female with a strong aura that did not prove talkative, but the back of a wagon bar I found her at proved adequate, for the bartender was friendly and the company chatty. Before retiring for the night, I had intimated whatever goblins I could find to prevent any potential damage to my tent.



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