Aaren Hervins

Field Laborer


Sex: Male; Species: Human; Eyes: light blue; Hair: brown, short; Skin: Caucasian; Build: average; Appearance: modest.


Aaren is from a small town in Northern Tenolvia by the name of Keeton. He was a farm boy most of his life, but also learned carpentry as a trade. He lived in the town all of his live, not once traveling more than ten miles from home. He is fairly naive to city life and travel, but is a fairly quick learner. By nature, he is humble and loyal. In general, he is friendly to strangers until given a reason not to be. Few would think of him as a fighter, but when it came to defending his friends and family, he picked up arms and found himself captive as a POW.

Aaren has plenty of stories from home, and loves to share them when asked.

Parents, Gill & Bev.
Maternal grandmother, Gran is still living.
Oldest Brother, Hank and his wife, Jill. Their children, Gretchen, Beth, Tom, & Harold.
Older sister, Kate, and her fiance, Douglas.

Encountered at Camp Kendrick.
Escaped with PCs.
Left as a deputy in Borithan.

Aaren Hervins

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