Commander Kendrick

East Tenolvian Officer


Sex: Male; Species: Human; Eyes: blue; Hair: light brown, short; Skin: Caucasian; Build: muscular; Appearance: militaristic.


Kendrick is an officer of Eastern Tenolvia who has been known to come up with unconventional methods and tactics. His soldiers recognize that he is dedicated and capable at his job, but the demand he puts on his men and his consistent habits of creatively reinterpreting orders ensures that he is generally disliked by his peers and subordinates. He is also known for being xenophobic and making poor tactical and personal decisions out of spite or repentance.

When attacking Baster Reed, his men were exhausted and performed poorly when his order was given to attack after marching throughout the night. They still took the settlement, but at an unnecessarily higher cost.

Commander Kendrick

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