King Corbell Fiendeserk

Tenolvian Leader


Lord Corbell Fiendeserk became King when his uncle, King Alveas Nekraten passed. King Nekraten had built a powerful Kingdom in his time in power, and Corbel intended to demonstrate this power by reuniting Tenolvia under his rule. One year into his reign, he had assembled and mobilized two armies.

His next, immediate action was to invade the divided West, thus starting the Second Tenolvian Civil War. His two armies crossed the Tenolvian River, and almost instantly took Bobbinsdale without a fight. Mindew Shrine went next, and the two armies marched towards the Capitol, Dropendyre, taking every settlement as they moved. Finally, his two armies were approaching Dropendyre. And that is where they encountered a unified army of militia. Fiendeserk’s forces took significant losses and retreated to Eigren.

The war ensued, and in the end, he fell victim to the sword.

King Corbell Fiendeserk

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