Ancient Devil


“Degorma” was a supposed demon who took rule over the region several millennia ago. There are several stories of the devil and his reign, even more about his disappearance. Most never even heard tales of Degorma — some said such a devil never existed, yet others were convinced otherwise.

There is no way to determine what is truth and what is mere legend, but during a period of time in Eporea’s history know as the Threat of Degorma, one thing became clear. There was a powerful devil named Degorma, and there was a very real chance that he would reign over the land.

A devil by the name of Ro’gathor’dian summoned the ancient devil and was ultimately killed by Degorma. But the devil would not have a chance to regain his full strength. Led by Saint Gweneth, Balregott’s Heroes sealed the devil into a single stone which was taken into custody of Balregott.


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