Lady Bevel Emetar

Tenolvian Royalty


Sex: Female; Species: Human; Eyes: green; Hair: brown, long, wavy; Skin: Caucasian; Build: average; Appearance: noble, plain.


There was one reason for Bevel to take control of the Tenolvian Crown: she was the granddaughter of the King. Her father spent most of his life bearing the burdens of war and the royal bloodline. He sent his only son who survived childhood to War. Bevel’s brother was poorly trained and placed in control of several men. He died with most of his men on the single assault the North sent to the East. Lady Emetar handed control of the North to her advisers. She was a figurehead, at best.

She married an officer, but never birthed children. Rumor has it that she is sterile. Her husband died in battle with her brother. She was left alone, the last of her family, the appearance of a leader.

Lady Bevel Emetar

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