King Jermain Lucolhad

Tenolvian Ruler


Sex: Male; Species: Human; Eyes: brown; Hair: brown, very short, goatee; Skin: Caucasian; Build: muscular; Appearance: militaristic; breast plate.

Caries a long sword, shield, and lance. Rides a horse in combat.

Lawful Neutral. Knight / Cavalier.

Age 34 during the Battle of Ayreshoven.


Jermain Lucolhad was an officer in the Tenolvian Military. After the death of King Franzalez’ wife, the King became stricken with grief. Is his poor condition, he slowly let his country’s economy fall apart. Lucolhad was among the first to rise up against the rule, and formed a resistance, breaking the Kingdom into civil war.

He quickly spread influence in Western Tenolvia and took his armies Eastward. After he took Ayreshoven in a siege, he moved his forces throughout the territory. When he took the crown, Prince Franzalez escaped to Mirravan, where he took rule of Northern Tenolvia.

Shortly after the Battle of Ayreshoven, Lord Lucolhad began to conquer Eastern Tenolvia with ease. Withina month, he had lost control of the West to Daust Rippard and the South to General Larvendell. By the end of the next year, he had conquered the last remaining loyal militia.

With the Tenolvian Crown in his custody and no one in the East to oppose him, he proclaimed himself King of Tenolvia. Recently betrayed by those who served him, he went back to war against the West. It wasn’t long before the South was at War, as well. But resources had been thinned out, and the War had to come to an end. The Treaty of Lundek Bend was signed, and the Tenolvian Civil War was over. But the Kingdom remained separated, and power struggles within the territories were obvious.

Lucholad was not the most well-liked or honorable or just, but he always did what he thought was best for the People of Tenolvia. And he believed that by being in power, he could ensure that the people would get what was best. Not not everyone saw it that way. He was assassinated by poison eight years later at the age of 43. He had no heirs.

King Jermain Lucolhad

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