Lesser Diety


Sex: Male; Species: Deity, humanoid; Eyes: black; Hair: black, short; Skin: gray; Build: sickly; Appearance: wears leather and plate mail mixed armor.
Two small horns on his forehead.


Sepporus is a well-known lesser deity of Evil. He is known for influencing acts of violence, strife, and war, but mostly, he is content ruling over a limited domain.

For more than a century, he ruled over orcs and a few other slaves in Vlaudocast. This changed when he became an obstacle for Balregott’s Heroes. Using the Spear of Hallous, one of the warriors banished him from the Material Plane.

Less than a year later, he returned to Eporea and took residence in Eastern Tenolvia, siding with, and ultimately betraying, Lord Lucolhad. But rather than killing Lucolhad and ruling over the Kingdom at War, he took back his throne in Vlaudocast.


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