• Aaren Hervins

    Aaren is from a small town in Northern [[Tenolvia]] by the name of Keeton. He was a farm boy most of his life, but also learned carpentry as a trade. He lived in the town all of his live, not once traveling more than ten miles from home. He is fairly …

  • Barracker

    Barracker is from an undisclosed land, though he is clearly not Tenolvian. He does not speak a lot of his past, if at all. Sometimes, he is evasive, and other times, just refusing. Mostly, he keeps to himself and avoids unnecessary conversation. …

  • Lisbeth Barringer

    From a Borithan in Northern Tenolvia. Captured in Borithan with PCs and brought to Camp Kendrick. Assigned to the kitchen while at the camp. Raped by one of Camp Kendrick's guards. Escaped with PCs. Left as a housekeeper in Borithan.

  • Ward

    From a small town in Northern Tenolvia. Encountered at Camp Kendrick. Escaped with PCs. Left PCs in Borithan to return home.

  • Royger Herance

    Royger is well-traveled, though has not disclosed a nationality or homeland. He is fairly conversational and has plenty of stories and jokes. He’s mentioned dozens of people and characters, but never speaks of family or home. Encountered at Camp …