Halremethia is a kingdom in western Eporea. It is a monarchy ruled by the Royal Family.

Towns of Halremethia.

Places in Halremethia.

Lineage of Rule

813 – 8__ FD King Jarrodin
11__ – 1213 FD King Urvin Laritann
1214 – 1238 FD King Alard Maringren
1238 – Present Queen Amastina Maringren-Gildram

Military Structure:

In Halremethia, the King acts as the Secretary of War. Under him are Captains (generals) who command different armies. The captains all have equal rank and power, but command different forces. There are five Captains: Captain of the First Army, who controls one of the two armies; Captain of the Second Army, who control the second army; Captain of the Navy, who controls the naval fleet and nautical operations; Caption of Special Operations, who controls task forces, Royal security, mercenaries, and anything else that does not fall under control of the other Captains; and Captain of Defensive Measures, who controls the Guard, border patrol, and militia groups.

Under the captains, there are Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals who respectively command smaller groups of soldiers. Most mercenaries in the army have the effective rank of Corporal, however normally do not command any soldiers. Other soldiers including cavalry, siege operators, and specialized soldiers sometimes share the rank of corporal, but are usually one rank lower (Specialist). Footsoldiers [and archers] are the lowest ranked soldiers, the only exception being militia, who are usually only active in wartime or as town guard.


When Halremethia was first colonized, it was an untamed land of nomads and dangerous beasts. But mostly, it was open land free for settlement.

Rise of King Jarrodin

Threat of Degorma

King: King Laritann
Captain of the First Army: Captain Giebler
Captain of the Second Army: Captain Giles
Captain of the Navy: Captain Naylor
Caption of Special Operations: Captain Balrem Stardens
Captain of Defensive Measures: Captain Shaw


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