Towns of Tenolvia

Eastern Tenolvia:

  • Ayreshoven
    Located where the Eventyre River and Wiseman River meet, Ayreshoven is the Eastern Capitol of Tenolvia. More of a fortification than anything else, most of the town resides within the borders of a castle wall. A number of serfs and farmers live on the outside of the wall where they are closer to the fields and crops. Other than the castle and small farm dwellings, the only other structure in the area is a mill by the bridge crossing the Wiseman River.
  • Barthell
    Located along the Eastern Border of Tenolvia, and on the northern point of Lake of the Bend, Barthell is oftentimes mistaken as a town of Farrowynn.
  • Derremort
    Derramort is a fishing town.
  • Dober
    Dober is a township that focuses on fishing and trade.
  • Dossik
    Dossik is a town surrounded by farmland.
  • Fort Madrew
    This militarized town is along the Tenolvian River. Being a kingdom with no coastline, one of their naval ports is along the river.
  • Greenbarrel
    Greenbarrel is a Halfling-founded township within the borders of Tenolvia.
  • Jarls
    Located on the shore of Lake Jarls, it is a small town.
  • Layeshoven
  • Malden
  • Parliss
  • Shebben
  • Shirber
    Shirber is a prominent farming town.

Northern Tenolvia:

  • Borithan
    Borithan is riverside city of moderate size.
  • Boudenstot
  • Keeton
    This small village is merely a stop along the road. They have adequate agrigcuture, but rely heavily on trade.
  • Mirravan
    Mirravan is the acting Capitol of Northern Tenolvia.
  • Wosslek
    Primarily a farming community, Wosslek also has a notable trading post.

Southern Tenolvia:

  • Almott
  • Carlsburg
  • Dalemott
  • Fort Vladus
    Fort Vladus is little more than a mere outpost on the southern most point of Tenolvia.
  • Fort Grand
  • Kluver
  • Lundek Bend
    Lundek Bend in a town of primarily humans and halflings. Though it is not a large city, nor is it possess any particularly exceptional resources, it’s centralized location has always made it a political hotspot.
  • Palmer
  • Sorrentyre
    Sorrentyre is the Capitol of Southern Tenolvia.

Western Tenolvia:

  • Baster Reed
    Despite it’s small size, this settlement is rich with resources from the surrounding forest, marsh, and lake. Even more, it’s waterfront location provides great opportunities for trade.
  • Bobbinsdale
    Bobbinsdale is a Halfling-founded township within the borders of Tenolvia.
  • Clover Dam
  • Dorentyre
    Dorentyre is a sizable city that is rich in trade and crops. There is also an arena where horsemen show off their riding skills, at least when not at war.
  • Dropendyre
    Dropendyre is the Western Capitol of Tenolvia.
  • Eigren
    Eigren is a sizable city,complete with a university and war academy.
  • Findleton
    Findleton is a town within the borders of Tenolvia, primarily occupied by humans and halflings..
  • Franksville
    Franksville is a small farming village.
  • Greenshire
    Greenshire is a halfling settlement, and one that is not on a river.
  • Eigren
    Eigren is a sizable city,complete with a university and war academy.
  • Mindew Shrine
    This small settlement sits on the border of Gorbon Marsh and the shore of Grusky Lake.

Towns of Tenolvia

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