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The Fortress, every other Tuesday, beginning March 2nd, 2016.

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  • Campaign: Rotumur’s Rangers is expected to begin on March 2nd.

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In February of 1277 FD, King Corbell Fiendeserk was dethroned and killed. In the months following the event, the Tenolvian Kingdom slowly began to rebuild. The separate villages and nations have united into an oligarchic-republic, in which each city state elects or nominates its own officials who rule as a committee in Lundek Bend. Old palaces and castles stand, not as places of rule, but as government buildings, and, oftentimes still, a governor’s home. Each state also creates and inforces its own rules, where the supreme rule of the land is established by the council and enforced by appointed peacekeepers, a number from each state based on population. The Tenolvian Crown was melted down and reforged, adding more gold from the treasury, into 40 rings to be worn by the Governors of each state. The Tenolvian Sword is kept where the Council meets at Lundek Bend.

Just over three years have passed, and as time moved on for the world, so did it for the heroes who live there. Zaloa and May set up operations in the City of Dropendyre, renaming the city “Ordinsol” after reestablishing control for the church. May remained to oversee the city’s operations, where Zaloa left to do what he does. Kaztan has set forth on a journey to grow and nourish his abilities. The remainder of the team came together to rebuild upon the ruins of Ayreshoven, a new city they have named “Silver Keep.”

In the time since the founding of Silver Keep, not everything has remained static. For Haylom, this city has turned out to quite a profitable enterprise. Barracker has abandoned his roles in the micro-nation, setting forth to adventure, again. Royger had also left the cause, instead stepping out of responsibility, and letting those more fit to lead take his place. He oftentimes disappears for weeks at a time, but has made the city more-or-less a home. Hastings Stross has become ill, not to one disease, but to a deteriorating immune system, or just old age. He could have only months or even days left to live.

You will be playing as the characters from the last game at level 10, or where appropriate, building new characters than be be added to the current party.

The Wiki

The Wiki is a game resource with information about the game, the world it takes place in, and the characters who live there. It’s a great way to look up details that were forgotten or find out how much time I have wasted putting into a world that most players will never see. All players have permissions to create their own entries, but I ask that you keep them game-relevant.

Note: Some of the wiki entries were made when I was using D&D v3.5. Most of the info transfers over. Some races and deities still need substituting. Some examples I can think of include Heroneous changing to Iomedae and Illumians being substituted with Aasimar. I’m sure there’s at least a few others.

Building a Character

Click for rules on character creation.

Current character level is 10. Starting wealth for a new character is 62,000 gp.Magic Items can be purchased with a cap of caster level 10, unless it is something that I have given you.

I request that all players submit a back story for every character they make. It can be an online post or given to me in writing. The most important things to include are where you’re from and why you’re adventuring. The more information the better. I will reward all players who oblige with a bonus trait of my choosing.

When choosing a deity, use the Pathfinder pantheon. Custom deities may be used if I review them and find them acceptable. I have a few minor deities with wiki entries.

I also encourage posting in the Adventure Log. Doing this can earn you any number of things including skill points and items. Most-often, a single adventure post of reasonable merit will be rewarded with 1 Bonus Point.


I will be giving out Bonus Points and other incentives to any players who:

  • Bring food.
  • Post relevant information.
  • Submit game-related drawings.
  • Provide transportation.
  • Provide game materials.
  • Show up regularly and/or on time.
  • Flat-out bribe me.

- Posting a character will gain you a trait of my choosing.
- Posting in the Adventure Log can earn you any number of things including skill points and items.

Other Help

For convenient navigation, check out the Wiki.

Contact me if you have any questions about the game. PMng me on Facebook is probably the best. Calling or texting also works.

If you would like to make a formal request for specific equipment or favors that I normally don’t provide, by all means, you can click here. For best results, maximize your browser window, first.