Busy Work

We made our way towards the fortification where we encountered our badly mauled compatriots. They had a nasty encounter with a hostile salad and were retreating to the gate. As Angus instead on leaving with them, we made our way out of the plane. In the real world, we met up with the adventuring groups, of which one was destroyed, and Ken-doll’s had cleared the fortification. We were also harassed by an inquisitive elf bitch.

The journey to Lord Bourbon was uneventful, and the prick seemed ungrateful to get his crown jewel back.

Back home, a Lord Bantu appeared with his entourage to destroy the Tear as it is supposed to cause horrible curse. In attempting to reposes the Tear for its destruction, we discovered it was missing and Bourbon and Angus were dead. Worst off all, my favorite brothel worker died while we were away.



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