Treasure Hoard?

Having finished resting we advance into the next chamber to face four golems. After their defeat we found a hidden room containing loot, the jewel, and a Chest of Largess. Some inscription regarding a soul being trapped in a box lead the bald one to insist we have to open it at some point. The other dwarf was most paranoid from the Terran inscription “What do you want?” that briefly appeared on the chest, and promptly bagged it.

Our elven friend took possession of the jewel and was made to confess that it is an heir loom of personal value to his friend, Lord Berwinsod, to whom he intends to return it and whom he believes not to have malicious intent with it. He also agreed to let us escort him to Lord Berwinsod and to accompany us on our exploration of the remaining landmark, barring encountering another exit bound party.



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