Saint Gweneth Henrietta Van Allen

Hero of Eporea


Female Aasimar Paladin lv8/Knight of the Chalice lv6
Alignment:Lawful-Good, Age:25, Height:6’1", Weight:214lbs., Eyes:Gold and Emerald, Hair:Silver, Skin:White

Ascended to Deity Status.


Gweneth Henrietta Van Allen was born in the small town of Molina at the edge of the Haldendore Forest, that maintained a series of windmills beyond the village. Her father,Dwight Van Allen, was a human knight working for the local baron, and her mother, Orla Miller, a half-celestial, worked in the mills. When Gwen was only a few years of age her mother was killed by a demon who sensed her mother’s angel blood and attacked her as she was coming home one night. Gwen’s father became distraught resigning as a knight and taking Gwen deep into the forest where they lived secluded for many years. As Gwen became older her father began teaching her the ways of the sword. Her father would leave on long trips to hunt down demons forever searching for the one that took his beloved. Once Gwen became old enough to leave the secluded cabin she too set out to find the one who took her mother.

She joined Halremethia’s Silent Wing, became one of Balregott’s Heroes, and was a primary personality throughout the Threat of Degorma. After she helped seal away Degorma, she joined the Order of the Silver Fox and spent several years ensuring that Eporea was free of Evil. She lost contact with most of her past comrades, but she maintained a friendship with Rodilynn Raldemus throughout the years. She would disappear for several years at a time on crusades against evil, but would write, occasionally. After decades of service, Iomedae recognized Gwen as a warrior among men and granted her immortality, ascending her to the outer planes.

Saint Gweneth Henrietta Van Allen

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