King Kardell Raldemus

King of Malgenia


Kardell, son of Aldain, was crowned King of Malgenia at 16-years-of-age during the Threat of Degorma after his father and aunt refused the throne when his grandfather, King Norand Raldemus died.

He learned combat and tactics from is aunt, science and the arcane from his father, art and literature from his mother, but his courage and leadership, that came to him naturally. Even as a young man, taking the crown, he was bold and powerful.

He married at age 19 and raised four children.

He went on to lead his Kingdom through a very prosperous reign, going down as a King loved by his people. And like all mortal men, he eventually passed from the world at the old age of 76. His eldest so, Daldrin, took his place as King.

King Kardell Raldemus

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