The Tenolvian Crown: An Introduction
Proceeding The Threat of Degorma Chronicle

There was a time, not all too long ago, where evil had a foot in the land of Eporea. Incidents involving demons and devils and monsters were reported from throughout the land. King Laritann of Halremethia took action and formed the Silent Wing, a special task force under command of Captain Stardens, created to keep these occurrences under control. Among these warriors was Gwen Van Allen, the future saint.

Insisting to be part of the solution, King Norand Raldemus, ruler of the allied Kingdom to the North, Malgenia, insisted to contribute two of his finest warriors, his children Rodilynn and Rothan Raldemus. His third child, Aldain, chose to stay behind and watch over his family. Soon later, he and his family went missing.

The deity named Balregott knew an ancient devil was on his way back to this plane, and recruited the Silent Wing to aide him. The group was even exiled from Halremethia, temporarily, until King Laritann had died. But at that time, they gained a new named, though unofficial, they will be known to only a few in history as Balregott’s Heroes.

The Kingdom of Tenolvia was in civil war, creating strife and war for creatures of evil to strive in. In the following months, three Kings were dead, including Laritann and Raldemus. The group traveled around the land, and banished several fiends. They even destroyed a few, entirely. They traveled across Eporea and into other planes during their quest.

The wars of devils and men were being found on the same fronts. Treaties were broken, allegiances formed, relationships damaged, heroes killed. Among the fatalities was Rothan. The war in Tenolvia was escalating. The deity, Sepporus, was banished from the material plane. Aldain’s son, Kardell took the Malgenian Crown.

But an ancient devil lord named Degorma was summoned, and he was about to turn the world into his own domain. Before he could get to his full power, his essence was sealed by Saint Gweneth. And after one final battle, four more devil generals were destroyed. With the overseers gone, most other devils occupying Eporea returned to their home plane.

The Threat of Degorma had passed. The Tenolvian Civil War had divided the Kingdom in four. Each unstable territory had diminished its military to the point where the war had to come to an end. A new King was crowned in Halremethia.

Sixty-one years have passed, and the wounds of an era have not entirely healed. Kings have ruled and died, and passed the crown to the next in line. The heroes of the time, who fought valiantly for a king, a deity, a virtue, or their own gain, have left this world. This is the beginning of a new era, an age of new heroes, a new chronicle in history.


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