The Dorian Anomaly

At long last that tedium of peace is disturbed by a summon to an anomaly in Doira. We, among others, have gathered at the site of portal to unknown destination of no strong aliment. This gate is covered by a deteriorating barrier that no one present had been able to breech. The personage of note was a lawful neutral Lord Kendellon who brought his own party to the ends of exterminating whatever evil will breech or real and storming into its realm. The elf advised that we allow him to fall in battle, so me may claim credit. There was also a scantily clad female with a strong aura that did not prove talkative, but the back of a wagon bar I found her at proved adequate, for the bartender was friendly and the company chatty. Before retiring for the night, I had intimated whatever goblins I could find to prevent any potential damage to my tent.

Into the Land Entropy

The rest of out time waiting for the gate to open proved to be uneventful, save the destruction of an elephant drawn traveling shop, and our contact with Agus Pensrun, who had researched the matter and was pursuing a jewel called the Rotorex Tear.

Having entered the plane, we found it to be putrid and rotten. All parties that entered the gate split of in different directions. In the absence of navigational features, the dwarf arcane marked our path. Later, we came upon a settlement of native creatures, and with the help of potions and alcohol established a dialog. This proved helpful as the were able to identify the features on a diagram of this plane that Agus provided.

Thereafter, we set of to the dark tower and having beat off a killer plant and destroyed a golem, traversed the quicksand laden terrain. Having reached its base, the bald one attacked the wall to create an entry, while another’s familiar found a doorway at the top.

A Day in the Dark Tower

We were attacked by Coral Golems before we finished breaking through the outside wall. Thereafter we proceeded inside, through the front door, having cleansed a couple swarms through our impromptu opening. When we made our way to the top of the tower we found a and arcade device with an hour glass believed to control the portal with a two hour timer.

Once the top of the tower had been investigated, we descended it into a rancid tunnel, eventually reaching a chamber infested with a excrement construct. It eventually fled, unable to bear the brunt of our magic, but the damage was done. I had to touch the monk against his will to heal him and it took a blind eye and some encouragement from Peterson to do it.

Next we faced a trap chamber. When our rouge failed to disable half the traps, we burned our way out with acid and called it a night

Treasure Hoard?

Having finished resting we advance into the next chamber to face four golems. After their defeat we found a hidden room containing loot, the jewel, and a Chest of Largess. Some inscription regarding a soul being trapped in a box lead the bald one to insist we have to open it at some point. The other dwarf was most paranoid from the Terran inscription “What do you want?” that briefly appeared on the chest, and promptly bagged it.

Our elven friend took possession of the jewel and was made to confess that it is an heir loom of personal value to his friend, Lord Berwinsod, to whom he intends to return it and whom he believes not to have malicious intent with it. He also agreed to let us escort him to Lord Berwinsod and to accompany us on our exploration of the remaining landmark, barring encountering another exit bound party.

Busy Work

We made our way towards the fortification where we encountered our badly mauled compatriots. They had a nasty encounter with a hostile salad and were retreating to the gate. As Angus instead on leaving with them, we made our way out of the plane. In the real world, we met up with the adventuring groups, of which one was destroyed, and Ken-doll’s had cleared the fortification. We were also harassed by an inquisitive elf bitch.

The journey to Lord Bourbon was uneventful, and the prick seemed ungrateful to get his crown jewel back.

Back home, a Lord Bantu appeared with his entourage to destroy the Tear as it is supposed to cause horrible curse. In attempting to reposes the Tear for its destruction, we discovered it was missing and Bourbon and Angus were dead. Worst off all, my favorite brothel worker died while we were away.

Lord Kraydec's Loot

Staff of Dark Flame
- missing one use of Fireball and one use of False Life
+3 Long Sword, Defending, Grounding
Phylactery of Negative Channeling
Mask of the Skull
Cloak of Resist +3
Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location
+2 Hide, Energy Resist
Gloves of the Commanding Conjurer
Ring of Protection +3
Ring of Feather Falling
Acrobat Slippers
Book of Extended Summoning (evil)
Handy Haversack
Iron Masterwork Holy Symbol
Carpet of Flying (5 sqft)
Crystal Ball
25000 gp in spell components and coin
Preserved Corpses (x3)

Owl’s Wisdom (Caster 3)
Silence (Caster 16)
Aura Sight (Caster 16)
Control Summoned Creature (Caster 16)
Make Whole, Greater (Caster 16)
Unholy Blight (Caster 16)
Break Enchantment (Caster 16)
Summon Monster VI (Caster 16)
Summon Monster VI (Caster 16)
Blasphemy (Caster 16)
Gentle Repose (Caster 3) (x12)

Rotumur's Ranger Wrap Up

After engaging in combat with Ralaag (the lich), the PC party eventually fell back to the walls of Silverkeep. The farms and structures of Hex 2 were largely destroyed, as were those who stayed behind in the retreat. The Rangers received aid from Yafelev (the Lashunta) and her party. Lord Kendellon, Barracker, Gindel (lady dwarf) and Royger also did their part. The city and its army took its losses, but ultimately prevailed.

Roturac’s Tear was a gemstone from another plane. It became a symbol for the Adventurous Five before being gifted to the Bervinsod family. It went missing and was placed in a tomb. It never had any special properties. All legends and beliefs regarding the stone were merely fabricated.
Agus and Lord Bervinsod were pawns, convinced to acquire the tear by Ralaag. Master Bentu’s beliefs were based on conversation, fabricated and acted out by Kraydec (the construct) and Ralaag. The stone was only used as a lure to tomb.
The gate was an anomaly. It exists in an area where space is unstable. The casters transported into the world via magic and setup the tomb before either of them had expired. Before Kraydec died, his soul was moved to the chest. Ralaag transported into the plane again to plant the chest, the Tear, and a few personal items.
Defeating Ralaag earns players a level and one mythic tear. I should have a loot entry available at some point.

Three months pass. Silverkeep has already begun to rebuild. Haylom’s business venture helped the cause, greatly. As did Hannasah Yafelev. With her on the side of Silverkeep, the reputations of its leaders and most of the national doubt in their ability to lead was restored. Zintr has begun a romantic relationship with Gindel, the noble diplomat from Borrigann.
The adventuring party has been summoned to a mountaintop in the Rambaldi Range. Another gate has appeared, no barrier. A man in gray, Balregott, standing in front of it. Also present are Lord Kendellon, Barracker, and Master Bentu. Gindel, Royger & Yafelev are also summoned and travel with the PCs.
“All of you have demonstrated great ability and guile. I have summoned you here for an opportunity. Beyond this gate is the unknown. An invitation for a grand adventure of untold time or danger. It is possible that you may never return home. So, I ask, who i coming with me? There is no shame in denying me.”


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