Towns of Tenolvia.

Lineage of Rule

1087 – 1131 FD: King Topus Karendoss
1131 – 1173 FD: King Darus Karendoss
1173 – 1202 FD: King Rolus Karendoss
1202 – 1213 FD: King Boridel Franzalez
1213 – 1222 FD: King Jermain Lucolhad
1228 – 1274 FD: King Alveas Nekraten
1274 – 1277 FD: King Corbell Fiendeserk

Tenolvia has always been a place of turmoil and strife. The history of the kingdom is shaped by war, power struggles, arranged marriages and assassination. Though most of its citizens take no sides and take no arms in most of these conflicts, the ruling powers often conscript those among them to fight for the Crown. A good number of the citizens couldn’t say who their king was.

Since it’s beginning, the Tenolvian Territory has known war. As kingdoms formed around it, it remained a warring territory. Chieftains and warlords fought over land and control and power. In the year 1087 FD, the Karendoss family united Tenolvia and ruled for three generations.

In 1212 FD, the Kingdom broke out into Civil War. The War ended in 1215 FD at the signing on the Treaty of Lundek Bend, the Kingdom still divided.

After the death of King Jermain Lucolhad, the East was at war with itself. All of his generals, and others, as well, believed the throne should be theirs’. Eventually, after almost six years of meeting, debates, betrayals, battles, and death, one man rose above the rest: General Alveas Nekraten. And this man had a new vision for the Eastern Kingdom. He fortified the borders, increased production and taxes, and executed all who opposed him. He ruled with fear and tyranny. And trade and commerce increased. In his life, he had transformed the war-impaired territory into an economically-prosperous kingdom.

In the year 1251 FD, Prince Sedric Franzalez declared war on the Eastern Territory. His funds were low and his troops were poorly equipped and heavily outnumbered. This conflict will become known as Prince Sedric’s War.

Lord Corbell Fiendeserk became King when his uncle, King Alveas Nekraten passed. King Nekraten had built a powerful Kingdom in his time in power, and Corbel intended to demonstrate this power by reuniting Tenolvia under his rule. One year into his reign, he had assembled and mobilized two armies. His next, immediate action was to invade the divided West.


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