The Wonderous Five

Master Bentu – Aasimar Fighter
Lord Kraydec – Seascarred Cleric of Garresteef
Ralaag – Fetchling Wizard
Naarah Dahmakir – Undine Ranger
Tiluyani – Catfolk Rogue

There was a group of five heroes who formed to fight a common goal of ridding the world of devils. They fought valiantly, and made a names for themselves: The Wondrous Five. After King Jarrodin banished Degorma and his servants from Eporea, the group remained together.

The group was formed of five individuals of varying backgrounds, Bentu, a skilled martial combatant; Kraydec, a seascarred human and holy follower of Garesteef; Naarah Dahmakir, a skilled tracker and wilderness expert; a crafty infiltrator catfolk named Tiluyani; and a fetchling arcane caster named Ralaag.

They had a house in the city of Vorge, and were treated as royalty due to their heroic exploits. They oftentimes spent time in the palace, networking and mingling with visiting nobles of the region.

Their greatest adventure sent them to another world, a lesser plane that remained unidentified. There, they defeated a ill-minded magician who intended bring destruction to the world. Tiluyani came close to death, but they all came out alive with a number of spoils, including a gemstone named Roturac’s Tear. It became a symbol of the group, a part of their emblem, and was gifted to Lord Bervinsod, who made it one of their family’s jewels.

After some time, Bentu and Laurantine Bervinsod fell in love. The very week of their wedding engagement, tragedy struck. A fiendish warrior came to town looking for the Wondrous Five. They met in combat and Naarah died that day. In addition, Ralaag revealed that he had begun dabbling in darker magics, spells with the evil descriptor. The wedding was postponed.

The Wonderous Five

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