Bonus Points

Sometimes, rather than giving pre-determined prizes, I will be awarding Bonus Points. They will be able to be used before a game session in order to “purchase” other points or bonuses.

Spending Bonus Points

When spending bonus points, it must be done before the start of a session. If it is not, they the purchases will not be active until the beginning of the next session. All purchases must be known by the GM.

Note: Costs may change throughout the game as I learn to better-balance the Bonus Point system.

BP Cost Item Notes
01 One Cache Point
03 One Hero Point
03 One Skill Point of of GM Choice
03 One Permanent Hit Point
04 Select Item of Player Choice Same value as Cache Points. Restrictions apply.
05 One Destiny Point
05 One Skill Point of Player Choice May not exceed max. ranks
08 One Trait of GM Choice GM requires 24-hours to select
10 One Trait of Player Choice
10 Spontaneously purchase one Destiny Point mid-session
16 One Feat of GM Choice GM requires 24-hours to select
20 One Feat of Player Choice
25 One Ability Point Increase May not increase above 18 by purchase

Bonus Points

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