Character Creation

1. Class, Race, and Alignment.

  • I will allow you to choose any class or race from any of the core rule books.
  • Any other race or class from Third party content may be allowed, but will have to be looked over by myself, and I will decide whether or not it will be acceptable.
  • Racial traits or variant races are acceptable, but only at my discretion.
  • You may play a character of any alignment for this game.
  • All players will be starting and Level 2 and will be able to purchase equipment from starting gold.
  • Technology Level is Dark Ages to Renaissance. Advanced firearms and future tech are not available. I am open to requests and listening to ideas.

2. Rolling Your Character:

Roll four d6. Drop the lowest die, and add the remaining numbers together. Repeat until six scores have been rolled. These six scores are your stats. You may choose any one stat you do not like and choose to reroll it. You must take the reroll, even if it is ower.

  • If every sum was less than ten, you may add ten to each sum.
  • If any sum is eight or less, you may reroll all four dice.
  • There is a one-in-1296 chance of rolling a three, the most difficult number to roll. If a three is rolled, you may turn it into an 18.

3. Character Building:

Your character can be two-dimensional and relatively uninteresting, or they can have a rich backstory of depth. The following questions could be used to determine exactly who your character really is.

  • Appearance – What does your character look like (i.e. height, weight, eyes, hair, skin, build)? What do they typically wear? Do they have any distinguishing features (facial hair, tattoos, piercings, etc.)?
  • Personality – How does your character act? What habits or behaviors does your character have? Do they smoke or drink? Do they have any rituals or compulsions? Do they have hobbies or interests? Maybe they have a catch phrase.
  • Family-Life – Does your character have any family? Do they have contact with them? Where do they fall in the social hierarchy? What did your character learn from them?
  • Culture – What kind of world did your character grow up in? Was there unusual climate? Do they have religious beliefs or social mores? How do they define normality?
  • Affiliations – Does your character have any friends or contacts? Are they a part of any additional groups, guilds, or organizations?
  • Experience – Has your character ever taken a humanoid life? Why? What has your character done for a living? Did they have any life-changing experiences in their life? How did they get to where they are now?

I am allowing every character to start with a trait from any of Paizo’s publications. Third party traits will need to be reviewed. In addition, I will give a character one additional trait of my choosing when said character is posted with the minimal character background.

4. Post Your Character:

When you are finished creating a character, post it here. This includes everything from physical description and personality to personal beliefs and back-story.
By doing this, your character will be given a bonus trait of my choosing. It’s possible that it will be one that I make up.

Character Creation

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