History of Eporea

Eporea is a continent that has traces of an ancient past, but is also considerably new by means of exploration and settlement. There are some who insist that that ancestors have occupied their land for countless generations and others who claim to have just settled the land barley over a couple of centuries ago. Yet, others cannot trace their heritage and connection to the land, at all. For some reason, and by some means, their ancestors just happened here, unexplainedly.

Countless centuries ago, there were a number of races who occupied this land. They had migrated here, naturally, in the days of nomads and evolution. Among these races, were humans. There are limited records of this time, most of which are mere legends and stories. It’s difficult to say how or when, but this period of time ended. Mysteriously, a large amount of the population died out. All races of the region fell subject to this mass termination. Some races entirely disappeared, while others managed to survive with drastic losses. Entire civilizations were reduced down to struggling villages and bands. In time, these peoples rebuilt. Powers shifted, territories changed, and history was lost.

Discovery & Colonization: 0 FD

Centuries later, Bronze Age explorers began to resettle the continent. Mariners of several races came ashore on the West Coast. Humans spread out and take territory more quickly than the majority of other races, so it’s only expected that most of these explorers were human or of human descent.

Driven primarily by humans and a number of dwarves, expansion continued eastward. The land was largely untamed. Wild beasts and aggressive natives resulted in constant trouble for settlers and explorers. Within a few centuries, much of the continent was tamed and transformed into several small kingdoms.

The Rise and Reign of King Jarrodin: 813 FD

A man named Jarrodin and his companions defeated an ancient evil using a magic sword. In doing so, he not only save Eporea, but united a kingdom that he served as King. Or that’s how the most common story goes.

The Threat of Degorma: 1213 FD

There was a time where evil had a foot in the land of Eporea. Incidents involving demons and devils and monsters were reported from throughout the land. King Laritann of Halremethia took action and formed the Silent Wing, a special task force under command of Captain Stardens, created to keep these occurrences under control. Among these warriors was Content Not Found: gwen-van-allen, the future saint.

Insisting to be part of the solution, King Norand Raldemus, ruler of the allied Kingdom to the North, Malgenia, insisted to contribute two of his finest warriors, his children Rodilynn andRothan Raldemus. His third child, Aldain, chose to stay behind and watch over his family. Soon later, he and his family went missing.

The deity named Balregott knew an ancient devil was on his way back to this plane, and recruited the Silent Wing to aide him. The group was even exiled from Halremethia, temporarily, until King Laritann had died. But at that time, they gained a new named, though unofficial, they will be known to only a few in history as Balregott’s Heroes.

The Kingdom of Tenolvia was in civil war, creating strife and war for creatures of evil to strive in. In the following months, three Kings were dead, including Laritann of Halremethia and Raldemus of Malgenia. The group traveled around the land, and banished several fiends. They even destroyed a few, entirely. They traveled across Eporea and into other planes during their quest.

The wars of devils and men were being found on the same fronts. Treaties were broken, allegiances formed, relationships damaged, heroes killed. Among the fatalities was Rothan. The war in Tenolvia was escalating. The deity, Sepporus, was banished from the material plane. Aldain’s son, Kardell took the Malgenian Crown.

But an ancient devil lord named Degorma was summoned, and he was about to turn the world into his own domain. Before he could get to his full power, his essence was sealed by Content Not Found: gwen-van-allen. And after one final battle, four more devil generals were destroyed. With the overseers gone, most other devils occupying Eporea returned to their home plane.

The Threat of Degorma had passed. The Tenolvian Civil War had divided the Kingdom in four. Each unstable territory had diminished its military to the point where the war had to come to an end. A new King was crowned in Halremethia

Tenolvia Divided: 1276 FD

Two yeas prior, Corbell Fiendeserk was Crowned the King of Eastern Tenolvia, and just over later, he invaded the Western Territory. The West fought valiantly, but their forces inevitably receded back into Dropendyre. With the help of holy knights of Iomedae and trained soldiers to peasant militia and paid mercenaries, Dropendyre defended it’s walls to the end. A notable band of mercenaries by the name of [[Rotumur’s Rangers]] were key players of the entire conflict, despite their leader dying in the process.

In February of 1277 FD, King Corbell Fiendeserk was dethroned and killed by Rotumur’s Rangers. In the months following the event, the Tenolvian Kingdom slowly began to rebuild. The separate villages and nations have united into an oligarchic-republic, in which each city state elects or nominates its own officials who rule as a committee in Lundek Bend. Old palaces and castles stood, not as places of rule, but as government buildings, and, governors’ homes. Each state also created and inforced its own rules, where the supreme rule of the land was established by the council and enforced by appointed peacekeepers, a number from each state based on population. The Tenolvian Crown was melted down and reforged, adding more gold from the treasury, into 40 rings to be worn by the Governors of each state. The Tenolvian Sword was moved and kept where the Council met at Lundek Bend. The previously abandoned Ayreshoven was renamed to Silver Keep and ruled by members of Rotumur’s Rangers. Dropendyre was renamed to Ordinsol, and placed in custody of Iomidae’s church. With inter-city politics, distrust, and various differences, it was several years before the nation was actually one again.

The Anomaly of Doria: 1280 FD

A large anomaly, something of a protected gate appeared outside of the town of Doria. The heroic Rotumur’s Rangers were among those who showed up to face whatever danger may arrive. Many heroes entered the gate, and not all made it back. The intercity conflicts of Tenolvia continued, but never escalated into war. Although, Silver keep, itself, was attacked by an undead army later in the year. The Rangers set up their last adventure before disbanding.

History of Eporea

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